dBm’s latest satellite orbit modeling software generates link parameter files formatted specifically for the Advanced Channel Emulator. The new SATGEN offers an enhanced graphical user interface, which easily identifies when transceivers are within the line of sight communication. The transceivers can be programmed to move along a defined path with variable velocity.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic generation of ephemeris data for up to 4 channels with up to 8 transceivers in each channel.
  • New sophisticated path loss model includes:
    • Atmospheric gas losses as a function of frequency
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Free space losses
  • Transceiver types:
    • Fixed earth terminals
    • Ground vehicles
    • Ships
    • Aircraft
  • Files generated for:
    • Delay
    • Dopper
    • Path loss

Key Specifications

  • Operating System Windows XP or 7
  • Minimum Memory 512 MB


Operation Manual

SATGEN II Operation Manual

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