ACE Client

Advanced Channel Emulator (ACE) Client is a comprehensive application that enables the remote control of all ACE functions, graphically displays impairment file contents, and provides wizards for creating custom profiles for payload impairments. The ACE Client also enables signal capture, which generates both time and frequency domain plots of the excitation signal, and the output signal after the application of impairments.

Features and Benefits

  • Remote control of all ACE features
  • Signal capture before and after impairments
  • Intuitive wizards to control channel impairments:
    • 128-tap FIR filter
    • AM/AM and AM/PM distortion
    • Phase Noise
  • Ephemeris data generation using SATGEN
  • Timing synchronization up to 16 channels
  • Time-domain visualization of I and Q signal components
  • Convenient ACE impairment file management

Key Specifications

  • Operating SystemWindows XP or 7
  • Minimum Memory 512 MB



ACE9600 Brochure

Operation Manual

ACE9600 Operation Manual

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