Dynamic_ModeThe DBM plug-in for STK provides a bi-directional interface between the STK simulator and the Satellite Link Emulator hardware.

  • dBm’s SLE plug-in for STK⁽ᵀᴹ⁾ provides a control interface between STK and the SLE900. Data parameters generated by STK are automatically implemented in the SLE hardware in real time. When operated in dynamic mode, STK is synchronized with the SLE such that the dynamic parameters are graphically displayed in the STK control interface. The UI Plugin stays active for as long as the STK⁽ᵀᴹ⁾ Desktop Application is running. The UI Plugin extends the STK⁽ᵀᴹ⁾ Desktop Application’s user interface by adding a custom toolbar, menu, and control window.

  • The plugin sends the following scenario parameters to the SLE900 in the static mode:

    • Delay
    • Frequency Offset
    • Attenuation
    • Noise Density
    • Noise On/Off

  • STK⁽ᵀᴹ⁾and dBm’s UI plug-in operate on Windows based PCs. Refer to  STK for PC requirements